This is the official web site for the Usenet group alt.flame.jesus.christ. We are not christians. We are anti-christian. Mostly, christians (henceforth "xtians" or "xians") merely annoy us but, there are some that merit a damn good flaming! Take a look around then drop into a.f.j.c. and let us know what you think. Remember, we are a flame group so be prepared.

"We are not here to keep you happy.
We are here to amuse ourselves.

We are not here to debate your beliefs.
We are here to mock them without mercy.

We are not here to seek your salvation.
We are here because we found our own."
Rev. WarFrost

The Flaming Protocols
In a flame group, you're either a flamer or not and you're either a "regular" or you're not.
If you're a flamer and you're on the same side as all the "regulars", then you follow The Flaming Protocols.
1. Your fellow flamers are always right, even when they're wrong.
2. The people you flame are always wrong, even when they're right.
3. Flames by fellow flamers never have anything to do with you, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
4. In flaming, social rules defining "acceptable conduct" do not apply.

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